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House Insurance on Rented Property: Protect Your Home From Accidents

Homeowners Insurance is a must-have insurance policy due to the high risk of natural disasters. Home insurance policy includes various coverages such as dwelling, loss of use, personal property, medical payments, and liability coverage. Your home is generally your most expensive and valuable asset, financially and sentimentally. Most foreseeable events may not be preventable, but if you live in Arkansas, home insurance itself will reimburse it if an accident causes any damage. House insurance on rented property will not just protect your home from theft or vandalism but also from various natural disasters.

Renter’s insurance is assets insurance that offers insurance for a policyholder’s belongings, liabilities, and probable residing fees in case of a loss event. Renter property insurance, additionally referred to as landlord coverage, covers the specific dangers of renting out your own home or rental for long periods of time. Its coverage consists of assets damage, liability prices, and lack of rental profits for landlords renting their property. 


What coverages are available at Home Insurance Arkansas?

The local insurance agents can help you get home insurance that is right for you. The independent insurance brokerage or insurance agent brokerage firm helps you through selling insurance from cybersecurity insurance.


Dwelling coverage or also known as dwelling insurance is one of the coverages included in a home insurance policy. Dwelling coverage from an insurance carrier basically covers the physical structure of your house. Similarly, it covers the cost of rebuilding the physical structure of the houses. Firstly, we should understand the coverage limit of dwelling coverage because the higher the coverage limits better protection.

house insurance on rented property

Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

Additional living expenses or loss of use is a unique coverage included in a home insurance policy. The ALE coverage offers extra living expenses that occur due to the damages caused to your house from covered perils, according to III.

For example, if your house is damaged by fire and is inhabitable, then the insurance policy will cover the extra living expenses such as hotel costs, food, and also loss of income.

Guest Medical Payments

Medial coverage is also a common coverage included in a home insurance policy. It will cover the medical expenses caused to other than your family. Similarly, it can be due to falling objects, dog bites, or other injuries.

Personal Property

A personal property actually represents the word itself. This coverage will cover your personal belongings inside your property. Similarly, now personal property also covers your assets that are outside the house. Some of the perils covered by home insurance in Arkansas or for another state like what is commercial hazard insurance are:

  • Hail storms
  • Explosions
  • Smoke damages
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Weather damages